Should Your Office Buy Or Lease Business Copiers?

Whether you’re just the office manager, the executive leading the business, or the owner, you have to make a number of decisions about your company that can have impact long after the choice is made. One of them that might not seem too big at the time is whether or not you buy or lease your business copiers. Depending on the size of your firm and your offices needs, the capacity and size of your copiers might vary drastically, but it’s still quite common for a business office to have at least one.

Pros & Cons of Buying and Leasing

There are pros and cons to both buying and leasing. Leasing usually means spending a bit more per month than you would if you finance a purchase, but if you need to make a copier affordable, leasing means you spread payments out over time instead of taking a sudden big financial hit that eats up your cash flow.

Leasing typically also comes with service contracts for maintenance and repairs that are included free of charge, since the company will eventually take the machine back. A copier lease is usually the most efficient way to go. Then again, you might have click limits about how many copies you can each month.

Buying A Copier

Buying a copier can mean that once it’s paid for, it’s yours for as long as you can keep it running. That can make a reliable machine something you enjoy for a very long time. However, you would have to pay for all your supplies and calls for technicians for repairs, unless you have someone in the office who is really mechanically adept or has some printing industry experience.

If you just need a copier to occasionally make a copy of a new employee’s driver’s license or Social Security card, your needs might not be much, but if you run thousands of newsletters or coupon fliers to slap on windshields and grow your business, you should get something you can trust.